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RoNo Halloween begins on Friday!

All will be explained on Friday, but until then, here’s a little sneak peek…

Ronan came down the stairs that afternoon, about to head into the kitchen where he assumed Noah was. 

“BOO!” Ronan suddenly heard and jumped, noticeably frightened before realizing it was only his husband who had popped up from under the staircase. 

Noah was a mixture of surprised, amused and utterly happy about finally scaring Ronan. “You were scared?! Seriously?!” he laughed.

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: Spirit Day

Noah and Ronan walked hand-in-hand to Club Clover and Noah smiled unconsciously as he felt Ronan’s purple string brush against his wrist.

Noah loved everything about that string. He loved how much it intrigued him when he first met Ronan. He loved that Ronan had never taken it off since he came out when he was 18 (with the exception of when Ronan had given it to him after he helped put a stop to the ignorant newspaper). He loved what that string stood for and what it had become; but mostly, he loved that it was purple. The anti-bullying color, spirit color and Noah’s favorite color. And that wasn’t the only purple thing Noah loved.

The two walked into Club Clover and Ronan wandered behind the bar while Noah walked over and sat down at his royal purple grand piano. He loved this piano almost as much as he loved Ronan. It was his dream piano, the one he’d always imagine playing. And of course, it was purple. Noah didn’t know why he’d always imagine it being purple until Ronan informed him that purple was indeed the spirit color. Noah had never known that and it made him love this piano even more.

Noah ran his fingers over the keys before looking down at the purple shirt he was wearing. “Do you think we’re overdoing it?” he asked as he looked over at Ronan, who had his own purple t-shirt on. “I mean, we already have purple shirts on, but then there’s the purple string, the purple piano, the purple this place.” he said as he looked at the purple walls of Club Clover while Ronan walked over and sat down beside him at the piano.

“Noah, it’s Spirit Day! The whole point is for everything to be purple in support of anti-bullying.” Ronan said.

“I know.” Noah began. “I just don’t want to be too purple.”

“I don’t think you can be too purple on Spirit Day.” Ronan assured his fiancé before leaning in for a kiss.

Their lips didn’t get a chance to meet when they heard the door fly open and in came Daugherty.

Noah and Ronan stared at their friend who was wearing a purple shirt, purple pants, purple blazer, purple shoes, a stylish, purple hat and a purple boa around his neck.

Ronan turned back to look at Noah. “On second thought, maybe you can be too purple.”

Noah and Ronan couldn’t help but laugh as they looked at their friend.

“Too purple? Not on Spirit Day!” Daugherty assured with a smile.

Be sure to wear your purple today in support of Spirit Day! Also be sure to wear a purple string around your wrist today to support LGBT rights and anti-bullying. You can never have too much purple! ;) 

To read more Noah, Ronan and Daugherty, check out my Noah and Ronan Series on Amazon!

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If you want to be out and proud, then be just that: Out and Proud. Don’t hide the fact that you’re gay from anyone and be proud to be who you are.

Ronan Shea, “A Melody in Harmony”

Happy National Coming Out Day! Read more of Noah’s inspirational coming out in this free chapter of “A Melody in Harmony” HERE!

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Vote for "New Melody, Same Harmony" book cover in the Rainbow Awards!

"New Melody, Same Harmony" book cover made Round 3 of the Rainbow Awards! Please vote #24! You must vote for at least 3 covers or your vote will not count!

I put a lot of work into my book covers and sometimes every detail has a meaning. This cover represents marriage equality as equal marriage is legalized and Noah and Ronan get married in the book. It is hands because every cover of my Noah and Ronan Series is two men’s hands and there’s a green tint to the cover to represent Ireland, which plays a big part in this book. 

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