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Anonymous question from my Ask box:

Can I ask why you write your characters with such feminine personalities? I’m not trying to be rude, I just wondered why you didn’t give at least one of your males more of a manly presence?

I assume you’re referring to Noah and Ronan and honestly, I don’t think either of them have feminine personalities. They’ve both been through trials in their lives and they can be sensitive, but I don’t see how either of them is feminine. Daugherty, on the other hand, I could understand you calling feminine. lol But not Noah and Ronan. Ronan especially, I think has a more manly presence than Noah. I’m curious to know why you think they have feminine personalities. Respond in my ask box! :)

P.S.- I can’t respond directly to asks on this page. I will always respond to asks in this format. If anyone has anything they want to share in my ask box, you can always tweet me or post on my FB page for a quicker, one-on-one response. :)

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: You’re So Classic

What do you get when you combine my characters, Noah and Ronan, with my favorite song, “Classic” by MKTO?

“Ooh girl, you’re shining! Like a 5th Avenue diamond! And they don’t make you like they used to, you’re never going out of style!”

Ronan heard this as he walked up the stairs and it only got louder as he approached the bedroom.

“You’re over my head! I’m out of my mind! Thinking I was born in the wrong time! One of a ki-” Noah stopped short when Ronan pulled open the shower curtain.

Noah stood in the shower, staring at Ronan as redness spread across his cheeks.

Ronan chuckled at his husband. “That’s classic.” he said.

"I’ve never really sung in the shower before." Noah spoke, confused.

"No, I mean that’s "Classic." By MKTO." Ronan said. "That is what you were just singing into the shampoo bottle, isn’t it?" he asked as he spotted the shampoo bottle in his husband’s hands.

“Umm…” Noah let out, unsure of what to say as he quickly put the bottle down. “I just love that song, okay!?” he confessed.

“Oh, I know you do.” Ronan said. “I see how excited you get when it comes on the radio. And don’t think I didn’t notice that you added it to my MP3 player.”

Noah’s blush darkened as he looked at Ronan. “Well, what about you? Do you like that song?” he asked, the shower still running.

“Like it?” Ronan chuckled as he stepped into the shower. “Noah, I want to thrill you like Michael.” he said as he reached for Noah zombie-like. “I want to kiss you like Prince.” he continued as he lowered his lips so they were just inches away from Noah’s. “Let’s get it on.” he whispered before pulling the shower curtain across.

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: Up

Noah and Ronan watch the movie Up.

The credits rolled on the television as Noah and Ronan finished watching Up.

“That was a good movie.” Noah commented.

“Mmmhmm,” Ronan got out.

“All right, want to head to bed?” Noah asked, but got no answer. “Ronan?”

All Ronan did was sniffle, looking as far away from Noah as possible.

“Are you crying?” Noah asked in disbelief.

“No.” Ronan got out weakly, still not looking at his fiancé.

“You do realize we’ve seen this movie three times and you cry every time.” Noah teased.

“I don’t understand how you don’t cry at this movie.” Ronan said.

“I don’t know, this stuff just doesn’t affect me.” Noah told him. “Unlike you.” he smirked.

“Shut up.” Ronan muttered.

“You know, contrary to popular belief, I think you’re actually a lot more sensitive than I am.” Noah continued to tease.

Ronan continued to sniffle and now Noah felt bad.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” Noah began. “Come here,” he said as he pulled Ronan to his chest and rested his head on top of his fiancé’s. “I love how sensitive you pretend not to be.” he spoke softly. “You save it for me. I definitely don’t like seeing you cry though, even if it is just because of a movie.”

Ronan pulled away to look at Noah. “I wasn’t crying because of the movie.” he admitted.

“What?” Noah questioned.

“Well, I guess I was, in a way, but it wasn’t because of what happens in the movie.” Ronan rambled and Noah was confused. “I was crying because the couple in the movie reminds me of us.”

Noah’s face softened as he looked at his fiancé.

“You can just tell how much they loved each other and they spent every day together and I want that to always be us.” Ronan told him. “I can just imagine us as little, old people sitting together and holding hands. Until our last days, which will not be for a very, very, very long time.”

Now, Noah was the one with tears in his eyes as he looked at Ronan.

“I’m going to cry every time we watch this movie now.” Noah mumbled.

Ronan chuckled before grabbing Noah in a hug. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” he told him. “Hey, I know a joke!” he said as he pulled away. “A squirrel walks up to a tree and says, ‘I forgot to store acorns for the winter and now I’m dead.’” he said and Noah couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s funny because the squirrel gets dead.”

Noah continued to laugh as he looked at Ronan. “I love you so much.” he told him.

“I love you, too.” Ronan said before leaning in and pressing a kiss to his fiancé’s lips.

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: My Best Friend’s Dream

So, my best friend told me she had a dream about RoNo where Noah was comforting Ronan, who lay in Noah’s lap and Noah was caressing Ronan’s face. So, here it goes…

Noah sat on the couch channel surfing and letting Ronan sleep in. Ronan had been tossing and turning all night and Noah figured his husband could use the sleep.

Ronan suddenly walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch, resting his head in Noah’s lap.

“Ronan?” Noah let out. “Are you all right?”

Ronan simply shrugged.

“Well, what’s wrong?” Noah asked him.

Ronan shrugged again.

“Ronan, talk to me.” Noah spoke softly. “What’s wrong?”

Before Ronan could successfully shrug, Noah placed his hand on Ronan’s shoulder, stopping him.

“No. No shrugging. Answer me.” Noah sweetly demanded.

Ronan let out a sigh before he spoke. “It’s just one of those days.”

“Was it also one of those nights? You didn’t seem to have a very good night’s sleep.” Noah commented.

“I didn’t.” Ronan said before burying his face in his husband’s lap.

“Okay.” Noah began. “Well, what will make you feel better?”

“This.” Ronan simply said. “You.”

Noah smiled a small smile before running a hand through Ronan’s hair, hoping to relax his husband. Ronan instinctively closed his eyes at the touch.

Noah continued to place a gentle hand to Ronan’s face, caressing his cheek.

After a few peaceful minutes, Ronan turned his head to look up at his husband. “I love you.” he spoke quietly.

“I love you, too.” Noah said back before leaning down to press a loving kiss to Ronan’s lips.

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: I Love Goldfish

I told my friend that I needed something to spark an idea for a RoNo drabble. She then gave me this idea and said, "I hope you got a spark from that one. Just don’t get struck by lightning." referring to Struck By Lightning by Chris Colfer. LOL So anyway, here’s a new RoNo drabble! :)

Noah lay spread out on the couch with Ronan lying in the same position on top of him.

Ronan held a bag of Goldfish in his lap as the two ate and enjoyed their utter laziness.

Suddenly, Ronan took a little cracker in his hand and tossed it into the air before catching it in his mouth.

“I want to try,” Noah mumbled as he grabbed a cracker and tossed it into the air. The Goldfish missed Noah’s mouth and landed behind them on the floor.

Ronan couldn’t help but giggle. “You’ve got such bad aim.”

Noah squinted behind his boyfriend before he reached for another cracker and tossed it into the air. It missed Noah’s mouth again, but this time, hit Ronan right in the face.

Noah couldn’t help laughing at his boyfriend.

“You did that on purpose.” Ronan whined.

“No, I didn’t, I swear.” Noah continued to laugh.

Ronan didn’t believe him as he reached in the bag, grabbed another cracker and tossed it into the air, knowing exactly what he was aiming for.

The cracker came toward Noah and he used some quick thinking when he opened his mouth and caught the Goldfish in his mouth.

“That’s not fair!” Ronan complained.

“Looks like I have better aim than you thought.” Noah teased and Ronan just knew his boyfriend was smirking from behind him.

Ronan reached into the bag and Noah had prepared himself to catch the Goldfish Ronan was about to throw. Suddenly, about six Goldfish began flying through the air and all missed Noah’s mouth when they hit him in the face.

Ronan burst out laughing while Noah simply glared at him.

“I hate you.” Noah muttered.

Ronan rolled over and crawled up his boyfriend, their body pressed together and faces mere inches apart. “You know you love me.” he spoke cutely.

Noah continued to glare at his boyfriend, remaining silent.

“Say you love me.” Ronan demanded playfully.

Noah simply looked at him, not saying a word.

“Say it.” Ronan said again.

“Okay.” Noah gave in. “I love… Goldfish.”

“I hate you.” Ronan said, but couldn’t help but smile.

“I hate you, too.” Noah said back before pressing a kiss to Ronan’s lips.

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Impromptu RoNo Drabble

My friend wanted some RoNo to read tonight, so I gave her some! I literally wrote this in about 30 seconds. Noah and Ronan are going to sleep.

"Goodnight." Ronan murmured against Noah’s shoulder as he tightened the arm he had wrapped around his husband.

“Goodnight.” Noah said back and Ronan could sense his smile. “I love you.”

"I love you, too." Ronan smiled against Noah’s shoulder before closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep with his husband.

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One Year Since “A Melody in Harmony”!

Today marks one year since “A Melody in Harmony” was released! Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed the book and helped make my Noah and Ronan Series what it has become. To celebrate, here is a short excerpt from the beginning of the book!

It was a typical, fall day in Henderson and Noah was working at his job at a small but popular bookstore. He wouldn’t say he enjoyed his job, but he tolerated it because he knew he had no choice. He was at least grateful that his boss, Mr. Shea, was nice — only because Mr. Shea didn’t know the truth about him, Noah figured. Mr. Shea was old, probably in his mid-60’s, and it had been made obvious to Noah that out of everyone in Henderson, the older citizens were the most “old-fashioned.”

Noah stood behind the counter, his back turned as he stocked a back shelf with new arrivals when the front door opened. Before he had the chance to turn around and greet the customer, Mr. Shea appeared from the back room.

“Ronan!?” Mr. Shea exclaimed, his heavy Irish accent apparent as he happily greeted the guy who had walked in.

“Grandpa!” the guy said back as he grabbed Mr. Shea in a hug. Noah watched from the corner of his eye. He had no idea that Mr. Shea had a grandson.

“I didn’t know you were back in town!” Mr. Shea said excitedly.

“Yeah, I got back this morning. I did a little wandering around town and now I’m here.” Ronan smiled.

“Your seanmhathair is going to be thrilled to see you.” Mr. Shea said.

“Well, the feeling’s mutual.” Ronan replied.

“So, are you in town long?” Mr. Shea asked in a hopeful tone.

Noah continued to eavesdrop as he stocked the shelf with books.

“I’m actually not sure yet. I guess we’ll have to see what awaits me here.” Ronan said.

“Or whom?” Mr. Shea added.

“I wish.” Ronan began. “But I don’t think I’ll find a boyfriend any time soon.”

Noah suddenly dropped all of the books he was holding when he heard what the guy said. He quickly turned around, slightly embarrassed when he noticed both Mr. Shea and Ronan staring at him.

“You okay, Noah?” Mr. Shea asked.

“Uh, yeah.” Noah said as he began to pick up the books.

He stood up to see Ronan standing in front of him with an extended hand. “I’m Ronan.” he smiled.

Noah placed the books on the counter before responding. “I’m Noah.” he then said as he shook Ronan’s hand.

“Nice to meet you, Noah. I’m always glad to see that my grandfather has such nice employees.” Ronan said.

“Uh, thanks.” Noah said. This guy was a little too confident and a little too friendly for his liking. Or maybe Noah just wasn’t used to it.

“You know, Garmhac,” Mr. Shea began, looking at Ronan. “I can probably take off if you want to go see your seanmhathair now.”

“I don’t want you to drop everything for me.” Ronan said.

“Nonsense, I can’t wait to see the look on your seanmhathair’s face when she sees you. It’s been far too long!” Mr. Shea said as he put his arm around his grandson.

“That is true. Remember how excited Grandma was the last time I came back to town? She was practically skipping around the house for a week.” Ronan laughed.

“Let’s go!” Mr. Shea said as he led his grandson out. “Noah, would you mind closing up later?” he then asked, turning back to Noah.

“Uh, yeah. Will do.” Noah nodded.

“Thanks!” Mr. Shea said before leaving the store.

Noah stayed standing there for a few seconds, trying to comprehend what had just happened. Mr. Shea had a grandson. And he’s… gay?

You can get “A Melody in Harmony” on Amazon, available in paperback and Kindle! Be sure to check out the next two books in the series, “New Melody, Same Harmony” and “A Miracle Melody,” both available on Amazon!

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