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50 Day Noah and Ronan Series Challenge: Day 47 - Favorite Baby-preparation Moment

Excerpt time!

“It’s getting late, want to head to bed?” Noah asked as he got up from the couch.

“No.” Ronan simply answered, his eyes never leaving the book.
“Aren’t you tired?” Noah asked.

“Just let me finish this book and then I‘ll come up.” Ronan told him.

“All right.” Noah agreed as he headed upstairs. He threw on his pajamas, brushed his teeth and got comfortable in bed. Now, all he needed was Ronan.

It wasn’t long before Noah was fast asleep, tired out from waiting for his husband to join him. Eventually, he woke up and sleepily reached his arm over to Ronan’s side of the bed, but there was no Ronan.

Noah slowly got out of bed and took note of the fact that it was 3am and this was the third time he’d woken up to find Ronan missing from his side of the bed. This was becoming a pattern that Noah was not fond of.

Noah headed downstairs and came to a stop when he peeked into the living room. He slowly walked in with a small smile on his face as he spotted his adorable husband and incredible soon-to-be father to their child sound asleep on the couch with a baby book sitting on his chest.

Noah carefully picked up the book and placed it on the coffee table with the others before pulling a blanket from the top of the couch and placing it over Ronan, tucking him in. Noah gave his husband a loving, goodnight kiss on the forehead before heading upstairs to go back to sleep.

Read more about Noah and Ronan becoming dads in "A Miracle Melody." To see how it all began for supercouple Noah and Ronan, check out my Noah and Ronan Series on Amazon!

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Noah and Ronan Drabble: Cuffed

“And for my next trick, I will make this drink disappear.” Daugherty said as he chugged down his drink. “Learning magic is not easy.” he told Ronan, who stood behind the bar.

“You’re learning magic?” Ronan asked.

“Derek is teaching me. He’s really into it. Me, not so much. But, I love him, so.” Daugherty shrugged.

“At least one of us is getting along with our significant other.” Ronan muttered as he cleaned up the bar counter.

“Trouble in paradise?” Daugherty assumed.

“You have no idea.” Ronan told him. “We’re not, like, at each other’s throats or anything. We’ve just been bickering constantly. It all started when-” he stopped short when Noah approached and began pouring himself a drink, not even acknowledging his husband. Daugherty could cut the tension with a knife.

“Hi, Noah.” Daugherty said warily.

“Hey,” Noah glanced up at his friend and then back down at his drink.

“How are you?” Daugherty asked him.

“I’ve been better.” Noah muttered before taking a big sip of his drink. It was then he heard Ronan scoff.

“What?” Noah hissed as he turned to look at Ronan.

“You know what, Noah, you’re blowing this out of proportion.” Ronan said.

“Yeah? I’m just always in the wrong, right? I’m always wrong and you’re always right!”

“I didn’t say that!” Ronan shot back.

This led to the two shouting at each other, over each other, and Daugherty could barely understand them.

As Noah and Ronan continued to fight, they suddenly felt something around each of their wrists and came to an abrupt stop. They both looked down to see they were now handcuffed together.

“What the hell, Daugherty?” Ronan asked as Daugherty stood behind them.

“Take these off.” Noah demanded.

“No. Not until you two resolve this thing between you.” Daugherty told him as he walked around the bar.

“Where did you even get handcuffs?” Ronan asked.

“They came with the magic set Derek got me. Don’t worry, there’s a key.” Daugherty said as he held up a little key. “And you will get this key when you two stop bickering.” he said before turning around and walking out.

“Daugherty! Come back here!” Ronan shouted, but Daugherty was gone.

“Now look what you did!” they both shouted in unison before they each headed for separate directions, but suddenly felt themselves clash together.

Ronan took a deep breath and let it out slow. “Look,” he began. “Maybe he’s right. We can’t go two seconds without bickering. We need to fix this.”

“It’s not easy when everything you do is annoying me.” Noah mumbled.

Ronan rolled his eyes. “Will you just get over this?”

“No, will you?” Noah shot back.

“No.” Ronan answered.

“Fine.” Noah said.

“Fine.” Ronan continued.

“I’ve got to go play my set.” Noah told him.

“I’ve got to finish cleaning up the bar.” Ronan said as the two began to head their separate ways, forgetting they were handcuffed together until they suddenly felt themselves clash together for a second time.

They both groaned. “You have to stay here while I clean the bar.” Ronan told his husband.

“Uh, you can clean the bar whenever. I need to start my set now.” Noah informed as he began walking toward his piano and dragging his husband with him, causing Ronan to grunt.

Noah plopped down at the piano and Ronan did the same. They were closer than they wanted to be at the moment.

Noah closed his eyes before lifting his hands and placing his fingers on the keys, also causing Ronan’s hands to hit the keys.

“Didn’t think this through, did you?” Ronan asked with a smirk.

“Just keep your hand out of the way and move with me.” Noah said before going on to play his five-song set.

The crowd cheered and Noah and Ronan stood from the piano.

A woman walked up to the two. “You boys did wonderful.” she smiled.

“Uh, actually-”

“Thank you.” Ronan cut Noah off. “We’ve both been playing for years.”

“You’re very talented.” the woman told them both before walking off.

Ronan turned back to face his husband, who had a grimace on his face.

“Really?” Noah asked.

Ronan simply smirked at him.

Noah rolled his eyes.

“Okay, seriously. Now that your set is done, I really have to pee.” Ronan said.

“Why is that my problem?” Now, Noah was smirking.

“Come on, Noah.” Ronan complained.

“I think first I’ll get a big, cold glass of Guinness.” Noah said as he headed toward the bar before being tugged and pulled in the opposite direction as Ronan led them to the restroom.

“You know, it’s pretty clingy of you to want me to come to the restroom with you.” Noah said as they walked in.

Ronan glared at his husband before stepping in front of a urinal while Noah stood beside him. Ronan was a bit hesitant and Noah noticed.

“What are you waiting for?” Noah asked.

“I… I can’t do it with you standing here watching me.” Ronan said sheepishly.

Noah barked out a laugh. “Seriously? We’re married, Ronan. I don’t care if you pee in front of me.”

“Well, what if this was the other way around?” Ronan asked him.

“Okay, will it help if I do it too?” Noah asked as he got in front of another urinal and suddenly halted. “Yeah, you’re right, this is weird.”

“Right?” Ronan said.

“Okay, I’ll turn around.” Noah sighed as he turned around while Ronan did his business.

Once the two left the restroom, they walked out into the club and suddenly froze.

“Oh no.” Ronan said.

“This is not happening.” Noah said as they spotted their newest investor walk into the club.

“He can’t see us like this. We have to, like, hide.” Ronan said as he and Noah hurried over and ducked behind the bar.

“Excuse me, have you seen the owners?” they heard the investor ask.

“Last I saw, they were by the bar.” they heard one of their employees say and both winced.

“Mr. Shea?” the investor called. “Mr. Nash?”

Ronan and Noah slowly rose from behind the bar.

“Mr. McAvoy! Hi!” Ronan said. “We were just taking some inventory under the bar.” he explained quickly.

“Oh.” the investor let out. “I’m just here on one of my random visits.” he told them as he extended his hand to Ronan.

“It’s nice to see you.” Ronan said as he shook Mr. McAvoy’s hand.

Mr. McAvoy then extended his hand to Noah. Noah looked at the hand, unsure of what to do. He knew if he raised his right hand, Ronan’s hand would come with it and their newest investor could not see them like this. It wasn’t long before Mr. McAvoy was looking pointedly at Noah.

“Uh, please excuse Noah. He’s just getting over a cold.” Ronan told him.

“Uh, yeah, sorry. I-I don’t want to get you sick.” Noah said.

“Very well.” Mr. McAvoy said. “I just wanted to check in. I’ll be back again soon.”

“Have a good night.” Ronan said as Mr. McAvoy left. “That was a close one.” he then said.

“Tell me about it.” Noah began. “Thanks for covering for me. It would have been really embarrassing if he saw us like this.” he almost laughed.

“It would have been humiliating.” Ronan laughed a little, causing Noah to laugh as well.

“What are we doing, Ronan?” Noah asked his husband. “How did we end up like this?”

“Arguing or handcuffed?” Ronan asked.

“Both.” Noah quipped. “I guess I did blow things out of proportion. I’m sorry.” he apologized.

“No, I’m sorry. I was being really annoying.” Ronan said.

“I can’t say I disagree.” Noah said playfully, cracking a smile. “Truce?” he offered as he lifted his right hand, causing Ronan’s hand to lift as well.

Ronan chuckled as he joined his handcuffed hand with Noah’s outstretched one. “Truce.” he said before placing his lips to Noah’s.

“I knew the handcuffs would work!” the two suddenly heard and looked up to see Daugherty walking toward them.

“Yeah, Daugherty, your idea actually worked.” Ronan told him.

“So, you’re not bickering anymore?” Daugherty hoped.

“Nope.” Noah told him. “So, can you please give us the key now?”

Daugherty reached into his pocket and unlocked the handcuffs, finally separating Noah and Ronan.

“So, can I ask what exactly started this fight?” Daugherty asked.

The two sighed before Noah answered. “Ronan said the color green is better than the color purple.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love purple!” Ronan quickly said. “Green is just very Irish and I love it.”

“Yeah, but purple is the spirit color. You told me that.” Noah fought.

“Yeah, then why do you own so many green shirts?” Ronan asked him.

The two began to bicker once again until Daugherty interrupted. “Hold up!” he began. “That’s what you two were arguing about? Colors?!”

“Yeah.” they both said in unison.

Daugherty stared at the two for a moment. “I give up.” he said before walking away.

To read more Noah, Ronan and Daugherty, check out my Noah and Ronan Series on Amazon!

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50 Day Noah and Ronan Series Challenge: Day 45 - Favorite RoNo Moment in Bed

Definitely when Noah and Ronan “celebrate” marriage equality being legalized in Henderson in “New Melody, Same Harmony.” Here’s a short excerpt:

Ronan cupped Noah’s face with one hand and brought the other to Noah’s back, pushing him forward slightly so their bodies were flush together and there was no longer any distance between them.

Noah wrapped his arms around Ronan’s neck and let his fingers rummage through Ronan’s hair. Ronan let his tongue graze Noah’s bottom lip, asking for them to part. Noah finally complied, Ronan’s tongue making its way in and exploring Noah’s taste.

Several seconds went by and the two were already breathless as Ronan pulled back and grabbed Noah’s hand. “Come on.” he whispered as he led Noah to their bedroom.

As they walked in, Noah stood behind Ronan and suddenly tugged him forward aggressively, turning Ronan to face him before capturing Ronan’s lips with his own.

Noah immediately brought his hands down to Ronan’s belt and began unbuckling it as they kissed. He threw the belt to the floor and began work on Ronan’s button-down shirt.

Ronan reciprocated Noah’s actions as he lifted Noah’s t-shirt over his head and tossed it to the floor. Ronan stared at Noah’s shirtless body as Noah ripped Ronan’s shirt off and threw it to the floor, staring at Ronan’s bare chest. The glazed over look in their eyes was one of memorization as they each admired the other. They finally met each over’s gaze and immediately locked their lips in a kiss.

Noah pushed Ronan down onto the bed. Ronan slowly backed up while Noah crawled on top of him. They continued to kiss as they each began work on the other’s jeans. Once removed, Ronan pulled the covers over the two.

To read more Noah and Ronan, check out my Noah and Ronan Series on Amazon!

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50 Day Noah and Ronan Series Challenge: Day 44 - Favorite Moment When Noah Plays Their Melody

Ah this is the hardest I think! I like literally every time Noah plays it and I loved writing each time. It’s really hard to choose. The first time Noah plays their melody for Ronan in “A Melody in Harmony” is very special, but the last time Noah plays it in “A Miracle Melody” is very special as well. I don’t know! What’s everyone’s favorite?

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50 Day Noah and Ronan Series Challenge: Day 43 - Favorite Moment When RoNo Eat Chocolate

Definitely when they eat the chocolate covered strawberries in “New Melody, Same Harmony.” I’ll give a little snippet!

Noah just sat there, looking curiously at Ronan as he leaned forward on the table and took a chocolate-covered strawberry in his hand. Ronan proceeded to reach over the table, gently grab Noah by the collar and tug him forward. Once their faces were just inches away from each other, Ronan held the strawberry to Noah and traced the tip around Noah’s full lips. Noah then took a bite of the strawberry while Ronan watched with a small, sexy smile on his face.


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